When creating the brand architecture at American Thermal Instruments it was easy to recognize that the product line was very technical and selling to companies dealing with serious risks. Therefore, it was decided to break away the two product lines that were not connected to our four main industries. The Aquarium Thermometer business provided some of the earliest sales revenue and still had many legacy customers such as Petco. There were also a lot of unique custom solutions created for brands such as Absolute Vodka where various shapes and logos were added to these color changing temperature indicators.

A new website catalog promoting the standard product line and offering new ideas for customer thermometers was launched and it had a catchy name – PromoFish. The website is beautiful, the trade show booth attracted a lot of attention, and the custom shaped business cards received the biggest reaction on every sales call. Take a look at the website.


Birthday CD

Turning 40 was tough. I took a look back at all the exciting things I had done such as standing on the stage at Carnegie Hall, being on national television and having a role in a Hollywood movie. It was too early to write a book but I thought an album in which I shared the music that represented my life to date would be something my friends would appreciate.

“The Matty Toomb Experience: Forty Songs for 40 Years” was produced in a single afternoon. It ended up being a set of three cd’s that were divided into the early years, college days, and post-college fun. The front and back cover graphics turned out great but inside the jacket are multiple pages with excerpts that describe the importance of each song.