I like to set goals and accomplish feats outside of the workplace.

Fun Facts


Most recently I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Full Marathon.  26.2!  I did not train and actually signed-up the day before the event.  I don’t like to run or train and I cannot turn down a challenge when someone asks me to race. This is the fourth time I signed up the day before the race 1997 (15K), 2008 (Relay), and 2014 (Half 13.1).

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Carnegie Hall

One of my summer jobs during college was working as a Security Guard at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I worked over 200+ shows and saw every great orchestra and conductor up close. What a privelege to spend 6-11pm each night with my friends and be up close to such talented people. Wonderful memories of backstage happenings with Liza Minelli, Frank Sinatra, Leonard Bernstein and others.

Carnegie Hall

Stadium Tour

One of my hobbies is visiting different ballparks, stadiums, and arenas across the U.S. I have every ticket stub of every game I have been to since 1987 and I have been to over 800+ games. Baseball is my true love and I have been to 26 of the 30 major league parks.

Fantasy Camp

If you spend enough time during the summers of your youth in Upstate NY or Connecticut you can be brainwashed into being a Boston Red Sox fan. So much so, our oldest son’s middle name is Fenway. I attended a week long camp with other fans and ex-players and had the opportunity pitch and bat at Fenway Park in Boston. Truly, the second best week of my life next to my wedding/honeymoon.

Boston Red Sox