I have developed some really incredible relationships over the years.


My college sweetheart, Annie, stands in the middle of our family at all times. We met in 1986 and have enjoyed our marriage to the fullest. Our three children (Joe, Shannon and Kyle) continue to impress in the classroom and on the fields of sport but most importantly they are respectful and caring individuals.

Immediate Family


I put a lot of emphasis into my work relationships. In many cases, I call these people my brothers and sisters. I am lucky to have travelled to a lot of cities during my career and appreciate everyone who opens up their home or shared an evening while I visited. It does not matter if we see each other once per year or every five years, it is always fun.

Work Family

New York

I may not look or sound like it but I am from The Bronx. I love that I was born and raised in New York City. What I learned growing up in those neighborhoods can never be found anywhere else and my friends from The Bronx can never me matched.

New York Family


We have lived in Cincinnati for 21 years and have been fortunate to live in a great neighborhood and belong to extraordinary school systems. This is our home and we plan to stay here. Having the University of Dayton so close has been a blessing having attended over 500+ basketball games.

Cincinnati Family